ONLY TWO KIDS LEFT!!!!  The only pure bred Myotonic Goat available is Angel, like her mom Halo, she is beautiful and as sweet as her mom.  She has Champion bloodlines and is perfect in every way.  ANGEL'S Dam is double registered MFGA and IFGA.  Angel's Dam is Pahl's Farm Goats Halo Sun.  Dam's pedigree:  Sire: Goat Flower Farm Wolverine/Tri-Color Certified Premium Blue.  Dam:  Pahl's Farm Goats Pearl/Tri-color Heritage Brown.  Halo's Sire's both grandparents are Certified Premium Blue.  ANGEL's Sire is Solis Occasus Villa Rocky Top Sun/Black and White Certified Premium.  Sire's pedigree:  Sire:  R & R Lazy Acres Gossamer/Black, White & Tan.  Dam:  Painted Quarter Analiesa Sun/Reddish Tan & White.

To reserve a kid a $100.00 deposit is required.  Once we receive the $100.00 deposit your kid is on hold until final payment during pick up.  They will be with their dam for two months before they are available for their new homes.  Kids will be disbudded (no horns), dewormed and given the first set of CD&T shots before they leave the farm.  All kids will be registered with the MFGA and can be double registered with the IFGA, which is not included.   Our farm is a closed farm and all goats on our farm were tested in 2018 for diseases, and are disease free.  

"Angel" Born 1/16/19 Blue eyed tri-color Doeling with Champion Bloodlines.  Pedigree's listed above.  Angel is ready to go to her forever home.  She is a very sweet loving girl that loves attention.  Would be a great FFA or 4-H prospect or wonderful to add to your breeding stock. She has a great topline and is squared.  She is a twin of two doelings to Halo.  Angel is disbudded (no horns) and has her first set of CD&T shots.  Two more angles of Angel are below.  Angel's pattern is half peacock.   Pictures do her no justice, this is a beautiful girl!  Angel can be double registered MFGA and IFGA.  We will provide the buyer with her MFGA registered papers once a name is chosen and the certificate is received.

Click on pictures to get the button to see the text on the pictures below to see the kids we sold or were retained.

FRECKLES ..... Available buckling!! Born 1/5/19.  Freckles is a very sweet blue eyed buckling that loves attention.  Freckles mom "Baby" is our Nigerian Dwarf milking doe that was bred with our registered MSFA Mini Silkie Fainting Goat Macintyre since she is small and we keep a closed herd.  Baby had three beautiful bucklings this year.  Two bucklings went to their forever home in Columbia, NC.  Freckles is waiting for his turn to be part of a loving home.  Freckles is only $200.00 since he is a mix (Nigerian Dwarf/Mini Silkie Fainter).  Frecklels is disbudded (no horns) and has his first set of CD&T shots and is ready to go to his forever home!  Freckles has long hair, which takes after his dad Macintyre.  Freckles is still intact in case someone would like him as a breeding buck, however, he will not be able to be registered.