Who We Are

 In 2014, we started out as a two goat hobby farm.....our goal was to raise dairy goats to produce milk for our family to make soap, lotion and cheese.....little did we know that we would fall in love with goats.  Goats all have their own personalities, just love attention and are packed full of fun and entertainment.  

We have bred our Nigerian Dwarf 'Baby' for the past four years and have enjoyed being a part of the deliveries to say the least, although this year she surprised us with a silent kidding to three beautiful bucklings.  We had checked on her just a half hour before, and opened the door and there stood Baby and her three new boys!  We helped dry off the last two and gave them their navel spray.  

It's so amazing to see perfect little baby goats in a matter of minutes, stand up and start nursing then hopping around.  Our kids are handled daily to make sure they are friendly for their new families, which is the best part of owning a goat farm!!  All our kids are dam raised and go to good homes once they are weaned at 8 weeks of age......although it is hard, we part with great memories and look forward to the next kidding season. 

In 2015, we decided to bring our first bottle baby into our home at two weeks of age....'Carma' a Pygmy goat who was very hard to take to being bottle fed, had us very worried in the beginning....now she is our little "Pig me" that lives up to her name!  In 2016, we decided to bring one more bottle baby into our lives and was introduced to the Myotonic (Fainting) goat 'Panda' at four weeks of age she stole our hearts completely....she was a delight to bottle feed and eventually convinced us to invest in a small herd of premium registered Myotonic (Fainting) goats to preserve the wonderful Myotonic (Fainting) goat breed.  After the 2019 kidding season, we are up to 15 goats since we retained two of the five doelings kid on our farm. 

We look forward to when we can offer Myotonic (Fainting) goats to become a part of your farm.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There‚Äôs much more to come!

Why Us?

"Panda's Paradise Farm" is a farm of it's own!  We take the best care of our goats! And all of our kids are handled on a daily basis to make sure they are friendly and love attention.