"Panda's Paradise Farm" presents the beautiful happy laid back nature of the Myotonic (Fainting) Goat breed......our farm is starting a breeding program with premium double registered breeding stock with the Mytonic Goat Registry (MGR) and International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA).  We are exceptionally happy with our new herd sire 'Rocky Top'  who came from the "Solis Occasus Villa" Farm in Gasburg VA in March of 2017.  Rocky Top was chosen for our herd sire due to his black and white colors, to preserve the Heritage Tennessee black and white Myotonic (Fainting) goat.  Rocky Top's beautiful dreamy blue eyes will hopefully give us beautiful blue eyed kids in the future as well.  We are so pleased with Rocky Top's sweet nature and friendliness.


Solis Occasus Villa Rocky Top Sun has given the farm four beautiful doelings this 2019 year!  and one very handsome sweet buckling.  Rocky Top is from exceptional bloodlines.... Sire:  R & R Lazy Acres Gossamer TAG (Black, White & Tan).  Dam:  Painted Quarters Analiesa SUN (Reddish Tan & White).  Grandparents... Sire:  Lickskillet Acres Billy Bob LSA (Silver and White).  Dam: Deer Springs Hootenanny DSF (White and Dark Tri Moon Spots).  

'Panda' was our first introduction to Fainting goats, which there was no doubt in our minds the farm had to be named after her!  With the farm being in a beautiful magical maritime forest, located deep in the woods on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it feels like Paradise...therefore the name took shape of "Panda's Paradise Farm".  

Panda came to our farm earlier than expected in February of 2016.  Coyotes were trying to get her and her brother on a farm in VA.....so we took this shy little doeling in and bottle raised her when she was only four weeks old.  Although we have other breeds of goats, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy, Panda made us fall completely in love with this very sweet nature laid back breed of goat.  

Panda has Myotonic and Mini Silky Fainting Goat genetics.  When Panda started growing, the silky genetics took shape and her coat is long and silky on her hind legs and the ridge of her back, and she has a long white silky beard.  Our first experience with "fainting" was when Panda got very excited for her milk bottle......she would fall over with stiff legs for just a few seconds, then look for her bottle immediately after.  The Myotonic (Fainting) goat does not loose conscious, their skeletal muscles lock up when they get excited or startled, therefore they will sometimes fall over due to the temporary stiffening of their muscles, which will make their legs stick straight out for about 10 seconds.  I have watched my new fainter kids faint on their own and grab a piece of hay and eat while in the locked position....it does not hurt them, however it is suggested to not keep fainters with horses or large livestock due to the possibility of being trampled when they faint.

Bringing Panda up in our home for about a month, she was a constant companion to us all.  She kept us laughing and was very talented with walking on her hind legs to get a piece of kale from my husband's hand.  Although some may think this was a tease, Panda became very strong in her back legs therefore able to stand and reach tree limbs when she became older.

Meet 'Halo'....she is Tri-Color, White w/Black and Brown) with amber eyes.  Halo is a 5 on the fainting scale 1-6.  This sweet sweet girl came from Pahl's Farm in Maryland and loves attention more than almost all the goats put together!  Her beautiful "peacock" pattern is so flashy.  She is pictured with one of her doelings Nola of 2019.  Nola's twin sibling Angel is a replica of Halo, even her temperament.  Angel is currently for sale and is pictured in the gallery below.

   Pedigree:  Pahl's Farm Halo Sun   Born 1/6/17

   Sire:  Goat Flower Farm Wolverine (Tri-Color) 

   Dam: Pearl GPF (Tri-Color, White w/Black & Brown)

Meet 'Patches' Faintin' Acre Farm Patches 319 Born 12/28/16...black and white polled (no horns) with amber eyes.  This sweet quiet little doeling came from a beautiful herd in Garysburg, NC....she keeps us in stitches with her fainting and falling over with stiff legs and then proceeds to eat as she is in the locked position. Patches is a 6 on the 1-6 fainting scale!  

  Pedigree:  Faintin' Acre Farm Patches 319

  Sire:  Faintin' Acre Farm Biscuit 319 (Black & White)

  Dam:  Rocky Ridge Suzie Q RRF (White w/Black)

Meet "Reba" Pahl's Farm Reba 513  Born 12/23/16....Tri-Color, White w/Brown & Black with blue eyes (disbudded).  This funny little fainter is a instigator to closing gates and opening gates to let her buddies in.  She keeps us laughing with her cute sounds she makes when one of the other goats pursues her.  Reba is pictured with her first kids in 2019, a black doeling and black buckling with flowery ears, nose and tail, with a partial white belt.  The twins have beautiful blue eyes and have definitely taken on her funny antics!  Reba is a 5 on a 1-6 fainting scale.  Reba is a very small fainting goat, so she is bred with our registered Mini Silkie Fainter Macintyre.  Doelings can be registered but not the bucklings.

  Pedigree:  Pahl's Farm Reba 513

  Sire:  Wild Acres Farm Flint GPF

  Dam: Pahl's Farm Goats Tanzanite GPF 

Meet "Starburst" Amazing Grace Farms Starburst AGL  Born 1/16/16....White and Black with amber eyes (disbudded).  This is an amazing mom that is as sweet as she is a good mom.  In 2018, Starburst gave us two beautiful doelings which we retained for future breeding stock (Maggie Mae and Susie Q).  We are so proud to be owners of Starburst, although the misfortune for the former owners who moved far south without their herd.  They purchased Starburst from the MGR registry's (Tara Lawerence) daughter's herd.  Starburst is the epitome of a meat goat, with her broad body.  Starburst had a single doeling this 2019 year, which we retained as well.  Gracie born 3/3/19 is pictured with her mom Starburst, just a few minutes old.  Gracie bonded to us immediately, and is one of the sweetest there is!  Several pictures of Gracie are below in the gallery.

Another breed of goat on our farm is a Nigerian Dwarf 'Baby'........she has had four kiddings on our farm, and her fourth kidding was this year (2019), with three beautiful bucklings with blue eyes.  Baby's milk is high in butter fat which makes our soaps and lotions so rich and creamy.  Baby produces over a half-gallon of milk a day, once her kids have been weaned.  To keep a closed herd, and not have too many bucks, we breed Baby now with our registered Mini Silkie Fainter Macintyre.  What beautiful kids he throws!!! See Freckles below. 

Our last but not least breed on our farm is a Pygmy goat.........'Carma' with her barrel shaped pygmy body, Carma is a sweet girl we bottle fed when she was only two weeks old in 2015.  Being the low goat on the totem pole, Carma took to Baby's kids and enjoyed their company while they were here on the farm.  

'Carma' has always been a quiet girl to herself.......this is her favorite hiding spot under the playhouse.  Carma has never been bred, she is still a little girl to us!  Sometimes she will sneak up behind me and I will feel her kissing my leg.  She has always been a sweet little girl with a big heart.  She gave me a wink as i took this picture!

The very first kid born to our farm was 'Luna' sweet sweet blue eyed solid black doeling that went to a wonderful home not far from the farm.  Luna didn't care who you were.....she was jumping in your lap or on your back!  Our kids are handled daily and love attention to say the least!